The new year comes where Jimin BTS is positive for Covid-19 and needs surgery

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All ARMYs are looking forward to Jimin, hope he gets well soon and have a happy New Year’s Eve.

The information that BTS Jimin is positive for Covid-19 has just been announced by BigHit Music on Weverse.

According to the announcement, Jimin suddenly had a stomach ache along with a mild sore throat on the afternoon of January 30. So he went to the emergency room of a nearby hospital and got a PCR test and other tests. Then, the doctor discovered that he not only had acute appendicitis but also had Covid-19. He had appendix surgery on the morning of January 31.

“According to medical staff, the surgery went well. Jimin is currently resting and recuperating,” the statement said. “He is expected to be hospitalized during this time for a combination of Covid-19 treatment and appendectomy. He is currently having a mild sore throat but his condition has improved.”

BigHit also said that Jimin did not come into contact with any of the BTS members during this period.

“We will do our best to support Jimin so that he can recover as soon as possible, because the health and safety of the artist is our top priority” – BigHit concluded. “In addition, we will fully cooperate with the requirements and instructions of the quarantine authority.”

ARMY is extremely worried about Jimin:

– At this time, appendicitis is more dangerous than Covid19. He had a successful surgery, which is great news already!

– In sage meets good, our angel will be fine!

– Too bad I don’t know how this New Year’s Eve is! ARMYs all over the world will always be with you!

-I just finished reading Jimin’s New Year wishes when I heard this news. Get well soon!

– I always take care of keeping the best image for ARMY, so eating and drinking erratic makes me sick! How are you, we still love you!

Wishing Jimin get well soon!