The seller of Jungkook’s hat (BTS) confesses

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Before the harsh reaction of the online community, the former official of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs removed the information about Jung Kook’s hat for sale and went to the police station to confess.

On July 11, Korea Joongang Daily reported that a former employee of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted to selling Jungkook’s hat (BTS) for 10 million KRW (equivalent to about 7000 USD ). The Seoul Seocho Police Department is scrutinizing the legal grounds to bring forward the appropriate charges against this person.

On October 17, a bucket hat believed to be Jungkook’s was for sale on the Bungae Jangteo website for 10 million KRW. The seller identified himself as an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even took his official card to verify his identity.

“Jung Kook is a famous singer, so the value of this hat will continue to increase. I do not intend to adjust the selling price. I think in the future the price of the hat will be even higher than it is now,” this person added.

The hat for sale of Jung Kook (BTS). Photo: News1

The former State Department employee also asserted that he had the right to own the hat because no one contacted to receive it for 6 months.

He said, “Jung Kook left his bucket hat in the waiting room when BTS came to apply for a diplomatic passport. I waited 6 months after reporting the hat as lost but no one contacted to get it back. So the person who found the hat has the right to own it.”

As soon as the controversy broke out, the post was deleted and the seller also went to the Yongin City Police Station to confess. The case was then handed over to the Seoul Seocho Police Department.

According to the results of the police investigation, the former State Department employee never made a statement about the loss of the hat. BTS’s management company also confirmed to the police that Jungkook had lost his hat when he went to the passport office. Therefore, many people believe that this person intentionally kept the hat of a BTS member to profit.

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