V BTS and Lisa Blackpink go to the exhibition of vinyl paintings about the environment

BTS News

The art exhibition “Vinyl celebrities” is about to be launched on the occasion of Environment Day.

The art exhibition “Vinyl celebrities” by Youngsan Corporation and Youngsan River Cultural Center will be held at Youngsan River Cultural Center until the 26th. This exhibition is specially prepared to celebrate Environment Day.


The exhibition will introduce 19 works of artist Lee Yuri, drawing famous characters such as V BTS, IU, Tokyo Olympic archery champion Ansa, Lisa Blackpink, etc. as well as working process videos.

The artist – who has always been very concerned about climate change and environmental issues – creates works by coloring, cutting and twisting discarded vinyl.
Some comments from netizens:

– So proud of you, Taehyung. Truly the muse of every artist because of her beauty inside and out!

– The color is so beautiful! V’s beauty is immortal!

– Draw real people and look like they came out of a comic book? Just looking at the picture makes me feel moved!

It’s beautiful and meaningful, isn’t it, everyone?

ARMYs must be familiar with this image!