V BTS once shocked when he promised to post bathing photos online

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BTS is currently the most popular group in the world. Understandably, with that reputation, their every move is on the radar and therefore, the boys have to be very attentive in whatever they do.

However, when debuting for a year, in 2013, V BTS used to have a bold action online. Accordingly, he went straight to BTS’s Twitter page and posted, “I’ll post a photo I took after taking a shower, is that okay?” Imagine, if it was at this time, it might become a world trend, not a game!

And V is not kidding! Because it is true that after that, he posted this photo:

It’s true that V after taking a bath!

ARMYs were delighted when this story was revived:

– Now that I say that, it’s a scandal, not a game!

– Wow, what’s beautiful from small to big?

– In the beginning, BTS was a lot of fun. They’re much quieter now, especially V. You know what, that’s the pressure of popularity.

How do you guys think rookie V?