Video: V BTS cares for Jin this meticulously

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Seeing how V and the other members care about Jin, ARMY understands even more why BTS is more than a family.

BTS has just successfully wrapped up 4 concerts in Las Vegas (USA) and left many special memories for fans around the world as they showcased their talent, charm and visual beauty throughout. programme.

BTS in the US show

However, that success did not come easily to BTS. In March, Jin injured his left index finger and had to undergo surgery. This greatly affects the practice of BTS in general and Jin’s health in particular.

But despite being advised to be extremely careful, Jin showed his determination and strength when coming to America. Despite limited mobility and a cast, the male idol still proved himself to be a real performer when “burning” with all his might on stage.

Meanwhile, ARMY’s heart melted seeing the rest of the group trying their best to protect and make sure the eldest brother’s injury didn’t get worse. And the one who is always on hand to make sure that Jin is taken care of is none other than V.

During the tour, the male idol attracted attention with many moments of showing his concern for Jin. As in a recent concert, Jin showed his mischief when he nudged V’s arm with increasing force to tease him.

However, as soon as V realized what Jin wanted to do, he quickly stopped his brother. It was clear that V didn’t want to do anything that could make Jin worse.

Although Jin seemed annoyed at first, V then put his arm around Jin and presumably explained why he did it. Jin then smiled at his brother.

When the video was shared, many ARMYs praised V for his flair and caring attitude towards Jin. Although he is a younger member, V has shown his maturity and level of concern for the other members of the group.

However, that wasn’t the only time V showed his defense of Jin. At one of the concerts, V made sure that the oldest member of the group wouldn’t get hurt while performing.

During the second chorus of the hit Permission to Dance , V pushed Jungkook’s hand to remind him to leave more room for Jin to come up on stage.

V is also not the only member to show concern for Jin.

‘For example, this action of Suga during the live broadcast after the Grammy 2022…

… or Jungkook helping Jin on stage, all members are always watching to make sure Jin is safe

Although Jin’s condition may have improved a lot, it’s reassuring to know that all the BTS members are there to take care of each other. It really shows how close and family they are.