7 reasons to prove that Jungkook BTS is the ideal boyfriend

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 BTS’ Jungkook makes fans crazy with his “boyfriend material” image.

BTS’ Jungkook is hardworking, selfless and won’t stop making you laugh. He’s basically everyone’s ideal type of boyfriend!

However, there are stage costumes that can still be considered his legend. Take a look below:

1. No more words to say

When it comes to Jungkook’s classic costumes, ARMY must immediately think of this set? Look at the chains holding that body! Careful, if it comes out, it will hurt many ARMYs’ hearts!

2. Red Saint

A king like Jungkook definitely suits red. ARMYs love the animal prints on it even more!

3. Starry sky

The costume from the 5th Muster is really making people unable to take their eyes off. Jungkook looks like the reincarnation of the star lord.

4. Permission To Dance On Stage

This suit was born for Jungkook. The youngest brother is famous for being extremely cool and attractive. It’s only slightly different from everyday clothes in that it’s white (instead of black). Thank you so much for the stage that showed ARMY a new side of Jungkook.

5. Real men wear pink

Gorgeous but want a heart attack with this foot kick. This pink outfit has no idea how many foot kicks it can withstand!

6. And can’t forget Fake Love

Not too fussy but amazingly suitable for Jungkook. Once again, thank you to the choreographer!

7. Light pink

Jungkook’s cute chubby look makes pink like he was born for him.

8. The shirt that used to make social networks crazy

When Jungkook appeared in Map of the Soul ON:E with this outfit, people really dared not blink!

9. Nomad Prince

Jungkook looks like a prince traveling through space in this innovative hanbok. Look how powerful!

10. At MAMA 2018

How many people died when Jungkook came out? This must be a gallant gentleman coming out of a European fairy tale!

ARMYs who like Jungkook’s outfit the most?