Anti-fans are taking advantage of BTS’ ‘loopholes’ to cause trouble

BTS News

BTS has been making unprecedented strides in the music world, bringing spillover effects in many other areas of economic benefit, with many businesses seeing explosive revenue every time BTS members combined with their products.

BTS is currently the world’s most successful boy band/group based on the number of awards won at many domestic and international music awards ceremonies, the number of albums sold, and the revenue they bring from the concerts. his concert.

Not only did they make history as a group, but the individual members also made a name for themselves with their solo works.

With such a level of success, the BTS members have become the target of those who might envy their achievements.

The group is regularly bombarded with malicious comments and remarks, and sometimes such targeted harassment is directed at individual members.

For example, a certain YouTube channel spread malicious rumors about BTS, gaining a lot of attention after claiming V was in a relationship and causing a stir online.

There is also a bizhnkook website that posts articles, targeted to specific members.

For example, a few months ago, an article was published accusing Jungkook of advertising “underground” after he wore his brother’s brand shirt and posted it on social media.

What’s even more interesting is that the people who staged these attacks always seem to do so whenever BTS’ comeback schedule is near or when the member announces solo activities. This is exactly what is happening now.

Jimin’s OST With You was released at dawn today (April 25) and some BTS snobs immediately appeared with the intention of ruining his first solo project.

Recently, an article was published on the bizhankook website, the same website that brought claims against Jungkook, accusing Jimin of not paying for his health insurance on time, which resulted in his luxury apartment being stolen. seize.

However, some Knets have posted documents on one of the community platforms saying that people have stolen documents related to the payment of medical insurance premiums that Jimin should have received.

The documents are said to have been stolen twice from BTS’ mailbox at their dorm in Hannam Hill, so Jimin didn’t get the documents.

It seems that this is the intention of those who took the documents, to cause trouble for Jimin. They kept these documents for a long time, and days after the incident they released the documents to a reporter for publication.
Notice how this information came out on the day of Jimin’s OST release.

However, HYBE took responsibility for the incident, claiming that the company failed to deliver some documents to Jimin and apologizing for the incident, as K-media reported.

ARMY’s sincere hope that HYBE will take appropriate measures to protect their artists and especially BTS from such incidents.

If the haters have intentionally stolen BTS’s mail, that’s alarming.