BTS’s J-Hope Is Shocked In His Reaction To Beyoncé Wishing Him A Happy Birthday

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Who wouldn’t react the same way?!’

BTS‘s J-Hope received a lot of birthday messages on February 18th.

The idol took to his Instagram Stories to share the messages he’d received from his members.

He first shared RM‘s post, tagging his member and adding a purple heart to express his gratitude for his birthday message.

RM’s message to J-Hope was sweet, saying, “My friend, I really wish you a happy birthday~~” and adding some behind-the-scenes photos fans hadn’t seen before.

BTS’s J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

J-Hope also shared Jimin‘s Twitter post for him.

Once more, tagging his member and adding a purple heart.

Jimin’s message to J-Hope was also lovely. “Our bright hyung, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday. Please stay healthily by my side.”

And, of course, he added some adorable pictures.

J-Hope shared Suga‘s message in the same way, tagging him and adding a purple heart. Even though Suga’s message was his typical teasing birthday wish.

“Hey Hobah, happy birthday..^^ #ItsSugaHyung^^ #HobiHBD #It’sAlreadyFeb18th”

And he included a screenshot of Jimin’s reply laughing at Suga’s message.

J-Hope added another emoji when he shared Jungkook‘s message.

Likely teasing Jungkook’s simple greeting of “J-hope. Happy birthday bro…”

And as a general thank you for all the other birthday wishes he received, J-Hope posted some photos of himself to his Instagram Story.

But his general thank you message wasn’t quite enough when it came to reacting to a birthday message from Beyoncé.

The famous artist included J-Hope in her list of famous birthdays for the week, wishing him a happy birthday and adding an adorable picture of him from his childhood.

Understandably excited, J-Hope showed off the birthday greeting to his Instagram Story.

He tagged Beyoncé and added a bunch of shocked emojis.

Which is the most understandable reaction from anyone being wished a happy birthday by Queen Bey herself.