Fans have had their eyes on the inside of BTS’s ‘Proof’ album

BTS News

BIGHIT MUSIC has announced the pre-orders for BTS’s new compilation album Proof.

Pre-orders can be placed online and in person at music stores from May 5 to June 9, 2022.




We’d like to provide pre-order information for BTS’s anthology album Proof , scheduled for release on Friday, June 10.

You can pre-order Proof starting May 5 at online and offline retailers” – BIGHIT MUSIC.

At the moment, Korean buyers can buy through Weverse Shop, YES24, Synnara, Aladin or Interpark while international buyers can buy through Global and Weverse Shop.

There are two versions of the album. The first is “Standard Edition”.

Here’s a first look at the contents of the albums…

1. Outer case/outer box

2. Outer box

3. Proof Art

4. Photographs

5. Tails

6. Lyrics

7. CD

8. CD

9. Photocard A
Is a collection of 7 members.

10. Photocard REMOVED
This is one of 8 options and is chosen at random.

11. Postcards
Like Photocard B, the postcard is random and is one of 8 options

12. Posters
The first press release came with a poster.

The “compact version” of Proof has different types of inclusions.

Here’s what it includes…

1. Outer shell

2. Booklet

3. CD Plate

4. CD

5. Photocard

Photocard is one of 7 random options.

6. Postcards
Postcard is one of 8 random selections.

7. Small poster

8. Disc Guide