Jungkook BTS captivates fans with visuals and politeness at the airport on the way to the White House

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BTS made history once again as the members set off for the US to meet President Joe Biden at the White House and discuss racism and crimes against hate against Asians.

Although BTS’ comeback is approaching, the boys have flown to the US for this great opportunity.
On May 28, ARMY got the first images of BTS’s arrival in the US when the youngest member Jungkook arrived at Incheon airport.

It was previously announced that Jungkook would be leaving one day earlier than the rest of the group.

As expected, right from the moment he got out of the car, the male idol looked flawless in a plain white T-shirt when greeting fans as well as the media.

That’s right, netizens have been praising the idol’s appearance and those with good eyes have even noticed that Jungkook carries a special bag.
ARMYs guess the drumstick bag… That means drummer Jungkook might be back.
Even when entering the airport, Jungkook continued to show his beautiful images.
Like the last time he returned from the US, the male idol showed an impeccable demeanor. Whether it’s answering the press and greeting fans…

Or even stepping back to say hello to everyone, Jungkook proved he was a true gentleman.

By showing his true personality, reporters seem to have become more comfortable with Jungkook while still respecting the idol.

As he passed through the airport, reporters shouted Jungkook’s name, some even said “Jungkook, come back safe and stay healthy”.

Even when entering the elevator, Jungkook continued to wave to reporters until the last minute.

After Jungkook arrived at the airport, netizens did not stop talking about the idol’s appearance, charm, and manners.

In particular, the phrases “JUNGKOOK” and “JUNGKOOK HAS SAFE FLIGHT” started to create a “trend” all over the world.

As expected, despite their popularity, the BTS members always make sure to show their love to both fans and the media.
Along with his looks, charm, and talent, it’s no surprise that so many people love Jungkook.