Photos taken by fans quickly prove that V BTS is unreal

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 Anti-fans argue that the beauty of BTS is thanks to technology. The fan photos prove that the picture quality is low but V is still handsome above all others.

V has always been extremely handsome in professional photos, but it’s the quick fan-taken photos that really prove how incredibly handsome he is. Please prepare your heart medication before looking at the fan photos below:

1. Again, is V a real person?
He definitely fits in with the CGV moniker!

2. Eyestrain can’t find defects
V is the definition of perfection.

3. That smile makes ARMYs ecstatic
V is unbelievably handsome!

4. Literally Glow
Which prince is lost?

5. Icons
How can this be so beautiful?

6. How cute
It’s true that Tay Thi’s face is enough to make her face water!

7. Think about this photo 24/7
Has any ARMY changed the phone screen?

8. Cutest pout ever
Whoever this gaze is directed at, that person can’t live!

9. V looks in the DNA era are on another level
Beautiful, don’t know what to say!

10. Love in the eyes
Needless to say, this image shows how much V loves ARMY. He was really happy to be on stage.

ARMYs have any beautiful pictures of V, please share!