Proud: Jungkook BTS graduated from college and even received a prestigious award

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Jungkook is the perfect definition for the word “perfect”. He really deserves the title of idol of young people.

BTS’s maknae Jungkook has officially graduated from university!

Recently, on March 3, Jungkook was revealed to be the recipient of the President’s Award of Global Cyber ​​University, which is the highest award given to students at the graduation ceremony. Jungkook couldn’t make it to his graduation, so he gave his award speech via video.

He said: “People say graduation is both the end and the beginning and it makes me both excited and emotional… I feel that learning is always interesting, wonderful and exciting. I hope we all won’t miss this moment, but I will move forward with my goal.”

If you go to school and bump into this student, what do you learn…

Jungkook graduated from Global Cyber ​​University majoring in Entertainment and Broadcasting. Before him, V and Jimin were also awarded the President’s Award upon graduation.

3 excellent students

He is currently trending worldwide with more than 800,000 posts on Twitter as fans rush to congratulate him:

– Not an idol, but an idol of an idol! So proud!

– Both beautiful and talented. I don’t know how long my parents have accumulated blessings!

– I’ve only been to university, but I’m already tired. Jungkook also has a busy schedule with BTS and his own projects. Please give me some wallet!

Congratulations to the newly graduated university Jungkook!