The moment BTS showed their biceps made ARMYs ‘spray nose’

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BTS members have their own charms with muscles and they don’t hesitate to prove it!

Here are 9 moments when BTS showed off their biceps that made ARMYs have to “spray nose” while watching.

1. Jimin’s outfit at the beginning of the concert

2. Jungkook is “cool” in Season’s Greetings 2022

3. J-Hope gets hot at Muster Sowoozoo

4. When Suga showed his muscles in Bangtan Bomb

5. V prepares for the scene in MV Butter

6. Many members show their biceps at the same time

7. When Jin wears a black tank top backstage

8. RM wears a tank top in concert

9. Jungkook in Mic Drop practice