Wondering about V BTS’ personality type now fans understand

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INFPs  have a lot of great qualities. They are known for their creativity, empathy, ability to form deep relationships and friendships, intense passion for their hobbies, and tendency to daydream. V is the definition of INFP.

Have strong values ​​and ethics. Understandable, but if it doesn’t fit the person’s values ​​then there’s some trouble.

Very suspicious of new people. Song is very open if you pass the friendship mark. Very empathetic and caring towards others.

Introverted but sometimes wants people’s attention. Emotions are often unstable, psychologically weak.

Procrastination. Sensitive. Try to analyze someone’s true meaning with what they say.

Likes to give meaning to things. Bring to anyone to understand your values ​​and ethics.

Here are 5 moments that proved V is the definition of INFP.

1. Have random inspiration while filming Run BTS!

V is extremely passionate about art and it doesn’t take long to spark his creativity.

In the interior design episode of Run BTS!, V unexpectedly decided to paint the walls with yellow paint to make the wall he was painting a little more visually interesting.

V’s unique concept turned out to be the perfect way to add a splash of color to a room.

INFPs are people with very original ideas and they like to think outside the box. This is certainly true of V.

2. Contemplative canoeing in In the SOOP

INFPs actually have millions of thoughts per minute. People with this type of MBTI sometimes need time alone to think and recharge.

While filming the first season of In the SOOP , V went canoeing alone while listening to a Blue & Gray demo.

The canoeing trip certainly refreshes and recharges him

3. Focus on learning the trumpet

As an INFP, V is completely devoted to his passions. While he may be content as a superstar idol and former saxophonist, he decided to continue his love of music by learning the trumpet lessons.

While filming In SOOP 2, V showed fans his trumpet lesson. During the lesson, he made it very clear that he wanted to be the best musician he could be.

4. Create your own iconic character – TATA

V was very creative during the members’ brainstorming session for their BT21 characters.

V created his lovable character, TATA, as well as the entire backstory for the character.

With V’s INFP imagination, he was able to create a character that ARMYs love.

5. Create the phrase “I dye you purple”

INFPs can not only form deep relationships, but can also put their feelings into words in ways that no one else can.

V created the phrase “I Purple you” to tell ARMYs that he will trust and love them forever.

Since its creation, this phrase has taken on a life of its own, and ARMYs as well as BTS frequently use it to express their feelings. This phrase shows that V’s creativity has a huge impact.